Cosmic Hemp charcoal (CH) is the microbe symbiotic hemp. A 100% natural combination of hemp charcoal and effective microorganisms (EM enzyme), breathed the energy of sun, moon, planets and the land of Miyako-jima island, Okinawa, southern Japan.




Cosmic Hemp ( Hemp Charcoal)

  • 1 How to use Cosmic Hemp Charcoal in Everyday life ? 

    Deodorant: CH removes unwanted odors by restoring healthy balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria 

    Far Infrared: CH helps blood circulation to ease pains and generate body heat 

    Detoxification: CH neutralizes harmful chemicals and toxins in areas of application 

    Digestive system: CH neutralizes bacteria that can cause food poisoning and diarrhea. 

    Probiotic: The enzymes in CH can improve digestion and support growth of healthy gut bacteria 

    Fermentation Support: CH helps to activate enzymes necessary for successful fermentation and suppress growth of harmful bacteria or mold that can spoil fermented products 

    Humidity Support: CH absorbs moisture in high humidity and releases moisture in low humidity. Especially useful when applied as house paint or built into walls, ceilings or floors. 

    Soil Conditioner: The enzymes in CH help to pre-digest minerals and nutrients that plants might not otherwise be able to absorb 

    Energetic Purification: Cosmic Hemp produces negative ions and has a high vibrational frequency which can help to neutralize the many physically and mentally stress-inducing positive ions in your home and surroundings 

    Wave Motion Conversion: Cosmic Hemp converts excess ultra violet rays and electromagnetic fields into its own unique sound waves and ultrasound waves. 

    Cosmic Hemp Charcoal Basic Recipes 

    1 heaping teaspoon= 0.3g 

    1 heaping tablespoon= 1g 

    Below are instructions on how to make a Cosmic Hemp (CH) paste and water/spray. These are easy to make and easy to use forms of CH and will be referred to frequently throughout the rest of this tip sheet. Feel free to adjust the proportions to make larger or smaller batches. Save yourself time and effort by making a sizeable batch and storing it in your fridge for up to one week! 2 

    Cosmic Hemp Charcoal Paste: 

    Mix 1 heaping tablespoon of CH (approximately 0.3-0.5g) with 10cc water and a pinch of sea salt until a thick paste forms, about the consistency of pancake batter. 

    Cosmic Hemp Charcoal Water/Spray: 

    Mix 1 heaping tablespoon of CH (approximately 0.3-0.5g) with 1 quart of purified water* in a jar, bottle or other container of your choice. Use a fork or whisk to mix or shake a closed bottle for about 1-3 minutes until few or no clumps of powder are visible. 

    Note: To use as cleaning spray, wait till sediment settles at bottom before pouring into spray bottle to prevent charcoal stains. 

    Cosmic Hemp Charcoal for Bath/Body 

    CH Bath: Use 5-30g of CH to make a strong batch of CH water. Add mixture to bath water and bathe for as long as you like with a suggested minimum of 15 minutes to allow thorough CH absorption. The bath water will turn grey/black but should not stain your tub. In addition to providing a gentle detox of the skin, CH baths can improve circulation, aid in muscle relaxation, and neutralize bacteria on the surface of the tub itself. 

    Note: Please do not try to add HC powder directly to bath water as it won't mix well and you will not be able to reap the full benefits. 

    CH Compress ( Healing Pad): Place two tablespoons of CH paste in the center of a doubled up paper towel then gather the edges and rubber band or tape together so the paste cannot leak. You may use more or less of the paste depending on how small/large an area you are hoping to treat with CH. Apply CH compress for as long as possible with a recommended minimum of 30 minutes. To support a healthy circulatory system, you may try applying to the bottom of the feet and/or behind the neck. The most convenient way to use a compress is to apply just before going to sleep, making sure your compress is secured in place with a cloth, plastic wrap or a bandage. Use fresh CH paste for every compress for best results. -Mix CH powder into shampoo/conditioner 

    -Mix CH powder into your toothpaste or use CH water as a mouth rinse after brushing teeth 

    -Use CH paste for facial pack or under eyes to help with eye fatigue and puffiness 3 

    -Use CH paste for insect bites, cuts, etc. 

    -Mix CH powder into henna for longer lasting hair and tattoo color 

    Cosmic Hemp Charcoal for Food 

    -Add ½ to 1 tsp CH powder to 1 quart water. (*In the beginning you might experience frequent bowl movement. Too much intake may cause constipation, please adjust it to the right amount for yourself) 

    -Add 1tsp of CH powder or paste to 2 cups of grain of your choice (rice, quinoa, barley, etc.) then cook as usual. 

    -Add 1/4 tsp CH powder to 1tsp of tea leaves or coffee grinds then brew as usual. 

    -Add 1/2tsp CH powder for each cup of baking or cooking flour (wheat, rice, corn, etc.) 

    -Add 1tsp per 1 quart of miso, kefir, kombucha, etc. to aid in fermentation process 

    -Combine 1tbs CH, 1liter of milk of your choice, and 5-8 tbs of organic sugar to make a home-style CH yogurt. Mix well with a whisk then let rest at 40C degrees for 12-24 hours or until it reaches a pudding/yogurt-like consistency. Store final product in the refrigerator until consumed. 

    -If CH yogurt (above) becomes too fermented, use a cheese cloth to strain excess water then add salt and pepper to make a CH cream cheese. 

    -Soak unopened bottles of wine, beer, or juice or even canned food in a bucket of CH water for 24 hours or more to enhance flavor and neutralize sulfates and/or other additives. Reuse the water to soak other products for up to two weeks. 

    -Place meat or fish into Ziploc bags then place into CH water for 1-3 hours to enhance flavor and remove odor 

    -Use CH water to wash vegetables and fruit to neutralize pesticides and other potentially harmful chemical residues 

    Cosmic Hemp Charcoal for Home/Living 4 

    -Use CH water as a cleaning spray to clean countertops and floors. Allow charcoal sediment to settle before pouring the CH water into spray bottle to avoid stains. 

    -Place CH powder in small muslin bags around home to help deodorize and filter the air. Add baking soda for even better results. 

    -Mix CH paste into house paint or paint on walls before applying wallpaper 

    -Mix CH powder into UV resin or acrylic paint. Let sit for 15 minutes to allow complete infusion then paint onto the inside of your phone case to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Let dry before replacing on phone. 

    - Mix CH powder into UV resin or acrylic paint. Let sit for 15 minutes to allow complete infusion then paint onto the blades of your ceiling fan, sure fans are unplugged or switched off before handling. This method can help raise the vibrational frequencies of the surrounding spaces and to purify the air as your fan circulates. 

    -Fill vases with CH water for healthier, longer-lasting flowers 

    -Create vibrant energy in your home by creating a CH circle: Gather 17 glass jars with lids. Add 1tsp of CH powder and a pinch of salt to each jar and fill to the top with purified water, leaving about an inch at the top to aid the mixing process. Shake well for 1 to 2 minutes each. Decide where you would like to place your circle then locate a central point and place the first jar there. Using a compass and measuring tape, place one jar at each cardinal point (N, S, E, W). Next, place one jar at each intercardinal point ( NE, NW, SE, SW ). Finally, place the remaining eight jars at the intermediate-intercardinal points ( NNE, NNW, WNW, ENE, WSW, ESE, SSW, SSE ). You should now have a complete circle of sixteen jars and one jar as a central point. In this formation, the benefits of CH are greatly amplified and can help clear negative energy, promoting wellness and a positive home environment. 

    Cosmic Hemp Charcoal for Garden 

    -Mix CH powder into soil or spray soil with CH water to neutralize chemical or radioactive materials in soil and to support beneficial microorganisms in their synthesis of minerals, providing nourishment and nutrients to plants 

    -Mix CH powder into compost 

    -Place CH powder onto sides and bottom of planter/starter pots 5 

    Cosmic Hemp Charcoal for Pets 

    -Mix CH powder into food 

    -Add CH powder to shampoo 

    -Use CH water as a rinse after baths to neutralize odor and prevent bacteria growth 

    Cosmic Hemp has the potential to be incorporated into many aspects of your everyday life. Be creative 

    The information discussed in this document, including suggested dosage and usage, is based on testimonials and personal use and should not be considered an alternative to proper medical diagnosis and treatment. Cosmic Hemp has not been proven to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease and will not be held responsible for reckless or dangerous use of the product. 

    * CH energy circle (and crystal bowl) * CH healing pad 

    * Cosmic Hemp Dresses *Putting wine and juice in CH water

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